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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Evidence in the Skies: The Media and Disclosure

Media Event in Elmhurst, Illinois
Evidence in the Skies: The Media and Disclosure
Highlighting the 2006 O'Hare UFO Sighting

The StarworksUSA UFO Symposium brings together leading media personalities and investigative journalists in the area of UFO research. The third annual Symposium will be held in Elmhurst, Illinois. The event will be moderated by former CNN Anchor Cheryll Jones.
The first StarworksUSA Symposium, held in Glen Rose, Texas, was the first UFO conference to feature all women presenters. The second Symposium, "Look to the Stars," was held in Sebring, Florida. This year's Symposium will be held at the Clarion Inn & Waterford Conference Center and promises to be another spectacular event featuring world-renown experts in media and UFO research.
Event highlights include the "Black and White Media Mixer" meet-and-greet cocktail party with presenters, the screening of "Out of the Blue" followed by a Q&A with director James Fox, a discussion panel "Lights in the Sky, Lies on the Ground" with pilots and media representatives Steve Allen (Stephenville Lights), Jim Currant (commercial airline pilot), Lee Speigel (Huffington Post), Chase Kloetzke (author of Admissible: The Field Manual for Investigating UFOs), Jim Heater (Paranormal Geeks Radio) and Scott Colborn (KZUM Nebraska).
Dates: May 2-4, 2014
Location: Clarion Inn & Waterford Conference Center, Elmhurst, Illinois
Three Days Cost: $150 

Register for this conference at starworksusa.com/registration.
Media contact Paola Harris, at 303-415-3900 email expo@starworksusa.com.