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Monday, February 3, 2014

Mansfield Mounds

Your Daily Giant 2/3/2014

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Mansfield(Ohio) Herald, January 16, 1873. The attached photo is of a burial mound in Marietta, Ohio. Most of the elaborate earthworks around this area are now destroyed. The article reads,

"Relics of a past race. On the farm of Mr. Harrison Whaley, near Mansfield, in this county, is a skirt of woods which possesses characteristics of deep interest. About three inches below the surface of the entire tract may be found innumerable bones, evidently the remains of an extinct species of the human race. Several mounds are also in the woods, and in one which has been partially explored were found skulls and bones, which from their size must have belonged to a race of beings far more gigantic than the race which now inhabits the earth. In this mound were also found many clay utensils, also arrowheads cut out of solid rock, and pipes of the same material. Such a memorial of the past starts many inquiries.
Was this place once a battle-ground, where the aborigines fought to maintain the glory of their respective tribes? Or was it common burial-ground? The first seems to be the most plausible theory inasmuch as the whole tract covering at least 15 acres, has multitudes of human bones but a few inches beneath the surface. It was evident that they were never buried, but originally lay exposed to view until the accumulated deposits of time formed the black rich soil which covers them."

This report joins many others which describe ancient battlefields of bones being discovered then destroyed by farming operations. This also matches up with native oral history about ancient wars with giants and explains why so many defensive fortifications were built in the Midwest by the mound building peoples. Ancient wars against giant enemies? I wish I had a time machine.