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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Footprint in Marble?

(From Hakan O. in Turkey.)
On September 2010, in the Saribeyler village, Balikesir city of Turkey, local villagers found a "Giant Left human footprint" in what had become marble, in a dry river bed. Local officials, geologists, archaeologists were called in to analyze the footprint, but none could explained the massive size and proportions properly. What makes this im
pression unique are the actual toe prints and natural shape that a foot would have as it moves (the walking motion.)
Apparently, it's been over four years and no one has formed an explanation for the massive footprint. The only suggestion are that the footprint could be from one of the two giant brothers "Otus and Ephialtes" , and a story in connection with Balikesir city and the ancient Mysian civilization and Mysians in Turkey. This is from Greek mythological (Giant brothers of Otus and Ephialtes.)
I've added a couple of photos taken from an artists exhibition of a gigantic skeleton which approximates the footprint. THIS IS A FAKE SKELETON.


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