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Friday, February 28, 2014

Did Giants Walk the Earth?

More specifically - did they walk and procreate in the USA??
It’s been said that “history is written by the victors” and, for stone mason James Vieira, that may explain why so many astonishing ancient stone structures in New England are written off as merely Colonial root cellars or “rock piles cleared by farmers.”
“Archaeologists tell us all these stoneworks in New England are Colonial,” says Vieira. “But that would be an absolute aberration, because there are similar stoneworks all around the country.”
For several years, Vieira has been filling Ashfield Town Hall, as well as other venues, with audiences eager to see his slide-show presentations of precolonial stone formations that align with solar equinoxes and other astronomical features.
But Vieira has moved on to an even harder-to-believe phenomena: historic documentation of 7-foot to 9-foot tall humans — many with double rows of teeth — found in burial sites here and elsewhere around the world.
Today, Vieira is also researching and compiling historical reports for a book, “Giants on Record.” He is a co-author with Hugh Newman, an author and researcher on preCultura y Lengua Mayan culture in Central America. He is also a frequent guest on History Channel specials. This new book is to include hundreds of historical reports of giant skeletons all around America.

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