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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thank You!!

What a great start for Paranormal Geeks Radio so far!! 

Psychic month is rolling right along, with guests like Lorie Johnson, Amelia
Pisano ScozzariSandy Wells and Geraldine Palmer Bouse how could it not?

We carry the momentum into February with UFO month, where guests Chase Kloetzke, Preston Dennett, Kim Trotman, and Nick Redfern will no doubt amaze us.
March wont be any different with a lineup so far of Rita Louise and Marie D. Jones!!
Thank you to all my guests, future and past, and of course Sharon Day and Julie Hogge Ferguson for offering me this opportunity.
And what about the fans. What can I say? Wthout you there would be no Paranormal Geeks Radio!! Thank you!!
Paranormal Geeks Radio will ROCK this year!!!