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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Figures Found at Oxkintok

Another close-up of a strange figure wearing probable technology from a period before the great cataclysm. Zecharia Sitchin claimed that this figure had a star symbol on its left side which connected it to civilizations in the Middle East, but after studying similar figures at other ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula, my take is this figure represents an ancient pilot of some kind. He wears the protect helmet and goggles required for high speed flight, form fitting clothing and some type of linking technology (human/aircraft) on his abdomen. This statue, discovered with other unusual column figures, was found at Oxkintok, considered a PRE-Mayan city, noted for its architecture that resemble Roman styles. The buildings have an odd Indian/Mayan/Roman quality to their appearance, as if multiple cultural influences were prominent. The Mayan believe their ancestors came from a large island in the Atlantic. My guess is one day, when the city is correctly excavated - organic material will date the area to over 9,500 BC.