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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cahokia Mounds Shark's Tooth Club

shared Larry Kinsella's photo.

Carolyn's shark's tooth club! Five great white shark's 
teeth with eight flint teeth, in a walnut handle. Larry's
 interpretation of the two clubs from Cahokia Mounds.
I interviewed Greg Perino a few years before he died.
 This is what he had to say when asked about the
 shark's teeth: Interview with Greg Perino at his home
 27 Jan. 2002 When asked where the extra shark’s
 teeth were found, Greg said that the stemmed and
 slightly singed one was found by his son at the
 junction of the terraces on the West side of mound
 34. He also found several side-notched points burned
 in that pit. The two burned ICST (imitation chert
 shark's teeth) had convex bases and were found on
 34 (“Two of these I found plowed up on a small
 mound. They had been burned”.) The sample of
 walnut (from the original club) from the club should
 still be at the ISM. Greg mentioned that the flood of
 46 was the one that had taken down the Ramey field
 deep enough so that the shark’s tooth burial could be
 plowed out. It was probably deeper but the water
 washed away a foot or two of soil in the Ramey field.
 That flood had 11 inches one night and 16 inches the
 next night. Greg couldn’t get into the field for 3 days
 and the water was up to his hubcaps even then. Greg
 mentioned that other teeth we’re trying to
 provenience were probably from 34. He said that the
 drilled tooth with the bone intact was found at 34 in
 the refuse pit under the mound and is at Gilcrease.