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Friday, December 6, 2013

Pyramid in Antarctica?

Reports of an Antarctica Pyramid have been in the alternative press for a couple of years now – with posts of icy and rock pyramidal structures flashed across the Internet. Most have turned out to be fakes,(Photo shopped images added to an icy tundra), but a few have caught my attention.
The findings of Preston (no last name given) are a case in point. He goes a long way to prove that during a period of dry land (thousands of years ago), the surface of Antarctica was populated. A recent photo of, what appears to be ground glyphs, (similar to the Nasca lines of Peru) are fascinating, as are the images of a pyramid complex complete with surrounding buildings.
Preston also provides the Google Earth coordinates to allow those interested in learning more to have a loo for themselves.

 — Ancient Cities in Antarctica? (7 photos)