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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pyramid on Easter Island?

A few days ago – I was witness to an astonishing collection of photos, posted by Lorie Kash, an Archeologist, who hosts the Gateways to Ancient Mysteries Facebook page. Lorie is a fine research investigator, who is continually on the lookout for relics from the past, and has discovered a number of undocumented and unusual artifacts.

The photos she posted were from the Smithsonian Institute and a research expedition to Easter Island, dated 1886. Most of the photos are of artifacts from different parts of the Island, but a few of the field drawings are amazing.
One illustration in particular, show what appears to be some type of pyramid, made of carved stones or rocks. Anchoring the pyramid is a platform, (with the words clearly written on the page.) The question that came to mind as I was looking at the documents was, where is this pyramid and large platform on the Island? There are no records of a pyramid on Easter Island – or a platform large...
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