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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Malabar Farm State Park, Richland County, Ohio.

Some folks believe that Ceely can still be seen roaming the hallways of the Rose house, pausing at the windows near the creek where she watches and waits for her love Hugh to return and marry her.
History and Haunting of:
Malabar Farm State Park ,Richland County, Ohio.
The Story of Ceely Rose
Ceely Rose House
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The mysterious deaths of the Rose family, who lived in a white frame house on the grounds of Malabar Farm State Park, are said to be a lovesick teenager’s revenge. Ceely Rose, an awkward and lonely girl, had a crush on the boy who lived in the house across the creek, Hugh Fleming. Hugh was a friend to Ceely but did not return her affection. However, Ceely had convinced herself that Hugh intended to marry her, and she announced their engagement to anyone who would listen.
To spare Ceely’s feelings, Hugh told her that they couldn’t marry because her family disapproved of him. Enraged that her family would keep her from her love, Ceely gradually poisoned them by soaking flypaper in water and then secretly pouring the arsenic-laced water over the cottage cheese she served them. Within three months, her parents and two brothers had all died. Hugh Fleming left town for good in fear of his own life, should Ceely learn of his true feelings toward her.

Suspicious neighbors tricked Ceely into confessing the murders of her family, and she was committed to a mental institution where she finally passed away, sad and alone.