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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Oldest City in the World?

Western science still cannot come to terms with the discovery of what some consider the oldest city in the world, located at the bottom of the Gulf of Cambay. Scientists in India now consider these people pre-Harappan, (at one time thought to be the oldest culture in Asis.) What’s more remarkable, is the submerged metropolis has strong, powerful flowing rivers, lots of trees and foliage and a huge civic center, as describe in the Mahabarata fables (or myths) which would lead one to consider the submerged city to be Dwaraka, built by Lord Krishna thousands of years ago. The fables date to a time 5000+ years in the past, but now there is strong evidence that there has been a human presence at the city from 31,000 BP (before present) to 13,000 BP.

I've included the complete article posted on Graham Hancocks website – with the results of radio carbon dating and sonar scans of different parts of the city. This information verifies what many of us wh...
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