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Friday, September 13, 2013

Phantoms of Witch's Bridge

Grand Island, Nebraska

On the outskirts of Grand Island, Nebraska there is a bridge that has become legendary over the years. This bridge is part of the "Nine Bridges Road" and has it's torrid beginnings long ago when a it is said that a woman dwelled in a house at one end of the bridge. It was suspected that she along with some of her neighbors were involved in witchcraft or devil worship and at the discretion of the townspeople, she was tied to a stake and her house set to go up in flames along with her. This bridge has since become known as "Witch's Bridge" and it seems that things on and around this bridge have not been right since. Many believe it is cursed or haunted by the spirits who died there.

In the days when the railroad maintained a bridge that ran adjacent to the current standing structure, there was a terrible freak accident that occurred there. One winter, the railroad workers were trying to fre...
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