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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Haunted Hills of the Seven Sisters

Haunted Hills of the Seven Sisters (7 Sisters Road) - Otoe County Nebraska

A few miles south of Nebraska City, Nebraska there lies a group of hills that is subject of one of the most gruesome haunted legends known in the state. As the story goes, over a century ago man who lived in the area along with his family which consisted of seven sisters. One day for some unknown reason, whether deranged or there was some sort of family quarrel and the man went berserk, he led each of his sisters in turn to a separate hill near their home and hung each one from a tree until they were dead.

This area today has been the focus of many reports of paranormal phenomenon. Accounts of cars suddenly and inexplicably stalling have been widespread. Other electrical drain phenomenon have been reported as well. Mostly, tales of car headlights suddenly going extremely dim when entering the area of hills of the seven sisters. Then after leaving the area, the car ...
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