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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Anunnaki

Yes, The Ancient black Gods of Earth. The origins of humanity. Let’s evaluate the evidence:
The examination of ancient texts gives us ample evidence of a group called the “Anunnaki” in Sumerian. The Anunnaki – whose name means “people who came from the heavens” in the language of Sumer – splashed down in the middle East 435,000 years ago on a search for gold. It was the Anunnaki who created the first human race to mine gold for them in present-day Ethiopia, site of what would be passed on through legend as King Solomon’s Mine (Solomon was actually an Annnnaki chief officer). 
It was the Anunnaki who likely supervised and had the pyramids of Egypt built, Central America, and the Cydonia region of Mars. It was the Annunaki who gave you humans legends of “watchers”; what the Hebrews called “Nephilim” or “Elohim” (angels), and the Egyptians called “Neteru” (cosmic gods). It was the Anunnaki who left behind Out Of Place Artifacts (OOPArts) such as the Antithykera Mechanism, the ancient batteries of Baghdad, and the Desert Lines of Nazca (landing strips). 
These are the space travelers who created the first human race through genetic engineering for the purpose of working the mines, as has been proven and even documented by the works of humans such as Zechariah Sitchin ,Dr. Malachi Z York and Erich von Daaniken to name a few. And so of course it was the Anunnaki who created coffee, originally intending it to serve as fuel for their mine workers (who were, in fact, proto-genetic hybrid humans). And this creation was their undoing.