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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Magnolia Mansion, New Orleans

One of their most popular rooms... "People are just dying to get in!!!" With walls the color of a rich Merlot wine, or maybe blood red, the room is "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and screams rich decadence. The king size hand- carved wooden canopy Vampire bed is a replica of the one used in the movie "Interview with a Vampire". (YES... Vampire Tours available upon request). .
Without a doubt, this is the bathroom "Just to die for!" Furnished with a sculpted drape tub with a handheld shower that looks more like a work of art than a functional tub.
In addition to the Vampire's Lair, there is the "Gone With the Wind" room, the "Bordello Moulin Rouge," the "Bordello Storyville Jazz," the "Vamp Bordello," "Napoleon's Rendezvous," "Mardi Gras Getaway," "Southern Comfort," and "Lafitte's Hide Away."
And for anyone hoping to experience some truly haunted happenings, Hollie advises, " Make your request known upon entering the Mansion. Be aware, if you don't invite them, they may not make themselves known.

Terri Leavitt, Cabourg, Ontario, Canada, recalls her experience-
Our first night here I awoke at 2:30am out of a deep sleep; my left arm had been stroked twice from shoulder to elbow. I thought it was my husband waking me but he was sound asleep. The next two nights I woke at exactly 2:30am with the feeling someone was watching over me. I had been having migraines the last 3 days and felt like "who ever" was there was looking after me. Like a nurse. I myself am a nurse. I later learned of "The Caretaker". On our third day here in the middle of the afternoon I saw a man walk across the room, I was standing in the washroom and busy, I just thought it was my husband returning. After speaking to him for a few minutes with no response I went and looked... I was alone. My husband came 5 minutes later.