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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ghost Sniper of New Jersey

Ghost Sniper of New Jersey

An unidentified “ghost sniper” haunted the Garden State beginning in November 1927 in Camden, New Jersey. The car of Albert Woodruff and several other vehicles had their windshields shattered by bullets that weren’t found on the scenes. A city bus on the Camden Bridge had its windshield broken, too. Another bus on the Federal Street Bridge came under fire. 

More homes suffered attacks, and a store window was broken. In all cases, no one was injured except by flying glass, and the bullets vanished into thin air.The mysterious sniper visited Collingswood and Lindenwood, New Jersey, and also briefly traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His targets were mainly private automobiles, taxis, trolleys, buses, and residences, although he did fire on at least one policeman. Only a single witness testified to hearing the report of a shot.

Another believed he’d heard a man’s sinister laughter, but the other victims said they’d heard and seen nothing.The attacks suddenly stopped in 1928. Despite police investigations and a few copycats whose missiles (like a blue marble and a screw) were discovered at the scenes, the ghost sniper and his phantom bullets were never found.