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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Olmecs, black civilization with black human features

 In Mexico, archaeologists and scientists (see Sitchin, ancientamerican.com) have found the most ancient calendar from Mexico dating back to exactly 3113 years B.C. and connected with an African civilization of ancient Mexico called the Olmec or Xi (Shee) Civilization.
The ancient Olmecs of Mexico and Central America were a fascinating people. Upon the discovery of colossal stone heads in Mexico during the early part of the twentieth Century, there was no doubt that the facial features and hair texture (including cornrows) represented in the colossal Olmec sculpture represented Africoid people. Yet, for many decades, some archaeologists and scientists have described what is obviously Negroid-featured sculpture as "baby-faced," "South-East Asian" "Jaguar-featured," and other terms used to cover-up their African Negroid identity.
Olmecs, black civilization with black human features