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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hybrid Humanoids in Ancient Central America

When I take a closer look at this photo of an Olmec figure (presented at the Xalapa Museum in Veracruz Mexico), I have to wonder if this is a portrait of an actual person or an idealized personification of what the Olmec were striving for as a culture. There are no known people that look like this individual who are currently living on our planet. Could we be viewing a reproduction (a portrait) of a Human Hybrid, derived from the three (or four) dominant species of the Olmec culture from the distant past?
If you look closely at this figure, he (or she) has the characteristics of Asiatic, Negriod, Long Head (or what one physician called (Human Elongatus) and possibly Caucasian features. If this is true, do we have any evidence, other than these portraits in clay that this superior stain of human walked the Earth – or were they created, then died out, unable to adapt to the changes in the environment? 

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