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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Largest Carved Figure From The Ancient World

In 1993, the theories of John Anthony West and Dr. Robert Schoch, on the age of the largest carved figure from the ancient world, the Sphinx, were highlighted in a special television presentation called Mystery of the Sphinx. For the first time, alternative theories and ideas on the true age of the Sphinx were discussed rationally and with factual evidence, and presented in a program, (hosted by Actor Charlton Heston), which made the age old study of Egyptology defend its outdated and inaccurate points of view. Today, Egyptologists are still not convinced that the Sphinx and its enclosure are any older than the 4th Dynasty, (roughly 3,000 years old), and continue to publish and promote this outdated perspective, even where the geological evidence showing the main body of the Sphinx was weathered by a minimum of 7000 years. The conflict does nothing to endear the public’s growing awareness of this discrepancy which fosters a poor opinion of acad...
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