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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Electric Rock?

In 1998, John Williams was hiking in a rural part of the mid-western United Stated when he caught the reflection from three small metal probes that were sticking out of the ground. In his own words,” I found my Rock in a rural area, at least 25 feet from the nearest trail (which was dirt and faint), not near any urban areas, industrial complexes, electrical or electronic establishments, nuclear facilities, airports, or military operations (that I was aware of). The only thing visible of the component was the tip of its three pins. I immediately recognized the pattern as being similar to that used in electrical connectors, and picked it up. It was definitely a Rock that I had just kicked up because it had a layer of moist loose dirt and some pliable root strands sticking out of it - evidence that it had been completely buried between or very near the bushes. I don't know how deep it was buried or the type of soil - perhaps as much as a couple of ...Continue Reading— The Williams Petradox: Relic from Earth's Ancient Past (4 photos)