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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SATAF (Satellite Archaeology Foundation, Inc.)

This week, friend and project associate, Angela Micol announced the launch of a new foundation, the SATAF (Satellite Archaeology Foundation, Inc.) A rising star in the field of Satellite Archaeology, Angela has uncovered a number of significant ruins which scientists are only now beginning to understand. A dedicated researcher, Angela came on the scene in 1999, when she launched Satellite Discoveries, a website investigating anomalous ruins and other sites around the world. She followed this up with Google Earth Anomalies, which continued her search for traces of known, lost and unknown civilizations. Angela’s work is featured here on the Earth Ancients Facebook page and in the book, which is still in edit cycles. I encourage you to sign up to learn more about her workhttp://www.satafoundation.org/

Here is what Angela has to say about this new website; I am very happy to announce the SATAF (Satellite Archaeology Foundation, Inc.) website is ...Continue Reading— Rising Star Angela Micol Announces New Website (6 photos)