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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Effingham – Effingham County
Ramsey Cemetery was established in 1851 with the burial of 29 year old Alexander Ramsey. Also known as Casbar, Casbah and Kasbar the cemetery has been a popular teenage hangout for many years. It has been the location of weekend parties and a lover’s lane. The cemetery also has a reputation of being haunted. The narrow road leading to the cemetery is very lonely and creepy. Large trees (one of while has an eerieRoy Halloween mask of a skull with long dark hair hanging from a limb) loom above as you drive by rolling hills and a winding creek. There are several caves that are said to be haunted along the creek. A werewolf and a man cloaked in black with red glowing eyes are said to lurk in the darkness.

Many locals admit to partying there. They tell about legends of werewolves, mysterious figures on horseback and cloaked devil worshipers. Some visitors leave pennies on top of tombstones. When they return later, the pennies have all been flipped to the reverse side of the one it was originally placed. At various times a cloaked figure with glowing red eyes is seen among the gravestones. Many strange sounds and lights have been reported by late night visitors.