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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chiza Geoglyphs

The Chiza geoglyphs are a series of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures built in the hills of Cuesta de Chiza , Tarapacá Region , Chile. They are located in the middle of the Atacama desert on the banks of a highway south of Arica. They were created using black rock placed in the sand to form human figures, birds and other animals. Presumably they were created between the years 500 and 900 AD . They were restored in the 1980's by archaeologist Luis Briones. A number of other Facebook pages are featuring these interesting glyphs, and after a look, I decided to view the área with satellite imagery. I found a number of anomalous features in and around this área that you might find interesting. — Old Discovery is Now Something New to Consider (12 photos)