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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ancient Artifacts for Sale

I’m amazed at the artifacts which are available for purchase through online and direct auction houses around the USA. Over the years, I’ve seen, and in some cases purchased museum quality artifacts from Central, South America and Europe, which in most examples are from civilizations that we know very little or are still sorting out the details of their existence. For over two decades, I’ve studied and conducted research on the ancient Mayan civilization located in the Yucatan Peninsula, and as far south as Guatemala. Much of this work was with Elders, who are working to bring back the traditions of their people, suppressed for hundreds of years by the Spanish. I have a great appreciation for their ancient ancestors in these regions, and have discovered they were the decedents from a much earlier group of highly sophisticated people. Many of the artifacts that I’ve seen and a few in my possession are from this earlier group. Many of the pieces are created by master craftsmen who were able to render the human form as elegantly as any recent or modern sculptor. The examples in this small collection are just a few of the thousands of Mayan pieces that flood auction houses around the world.Cliff — The Ancient World at Your Fingertips (9 photos)