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Sunday, March 31, 2013

More Mississippian era mound builder artifacts courtesy of Randall-Johnson.net. When Native Americans were not being nomadic, primitive and unsophisticated they apparently were involved in some other activities as well. Like building staggering earthen pyramids such as the one at Cahokia with a 14 acre base, larger than the great pyramid of Giza. Or measuring the 18.61 metonic cycle of the moon and predicting eclipses at massive earthen observatories, like the circle and octagon of 20 and 50 acres at Newark Ohio. In fact, Native civilizations in Ancient America displayed engineering, mathematical and geometric prowess that has many researchers bewildered. My bewilderment comes from not being taught any of this in school, even when I attended college. U.S. History books should be spooled up as toilet paper. A miserable, racist and uninspiring look into the endless wars and manipulations of Robber Barons, corporations, and other criminals and soci...See More
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