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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oley Hills, Pennsylvania

The following photos of the Oley Hills, Pennsylvania site are courtesy of researcher Norman E. Muller. Norman is one of the most respected and thorough researchers of Pre-colonial stone structures in the Northeast. Norman has an article describing the area. "Accenting the Landscape: Interpreting the Oley Hills Site" by Norman Muller. Inspired by the 9 foot tall stone cairn found in Penn., we built several of these stone towers around Ashfield, Ma. The following information comes from Wikipedia. This is one of numerous examples that show any professional who calls structures such as these "farmers clearing piles", is clearly not qualified to give an opinion and should be ignored until they do a real investigation. "The Oley Hills site, or Oley Hills stone work site, located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, is an enigmatic complex of snaking dry stone walls, carefully shaped rock piles or cairns, perched boulders, and unusually shaped natural boulders. It is possible to see animal and human forms in some of the rock piles and boulders, but whether those images were intended by the builders or are phenomena of the imaginations of modern observers has not been demonstrated. The site boasts other features such as an enormous "split-wedged boulder," a split boulder with another stone wedged into the split.— Oley Hills Cairns + Ashfield (8 photos)