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Friday, March 1, 2013

In this newly released second video of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Andrey Sklyarov and his team of Russian scientists look into the monolithic building techniques which are attributed to a number of biblical figures – but could have only been the work of an advanced culture who lived thousands of years before the Romans. The focus of the video is on the Jerusalem Temple, which stood on Mount Moriah, since the time of Solomon to the reign of Herod. Architectural and structural features of the outer and inner chamber walls appear to be machined in a manner similar to wall found in Peru, Egypt and other locations where megalithic building is the norm. The findings reveal a clear parallel with some megalithic structures spread across different continents. These parallels point to a much more ancient age of the wall around the Temple Mount and the creation of a highly developed civilization "gods. The Temple Mount, known in Hebrew (and in Judaism)...Continue Reading— Promised Land Part 2: The Mystery of the Temple Mount (23 photos)