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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ancient Megalith Found in France

Our friends at The Human Odyssey have sent an amazing find from France. I have an interest in Neolithic megaliths which are supported by my hypothesis that the remaining survivors of the global catastrophe, regrouped to build communities and had in their possession – a few devices from earlier generations. These advanced tools (frequency generators) could displace the gravity around an object for short periods of time, and allowed for the erection of massive stones. (Others have theorized that the earlier dynastic Egyptians had similar tools and machines to build their great cities.) The once standing stone of Er-Grah is one of the unsung wonders of the ancient world. It was the biggest megalith ever erected in history and was raised in France (Brittany) during the Neolithic, 4700 BCE. It is believed to have stood for 700 years before breaking into four pieces at around 4000 BCE. The impressive dimensions of this menhir still divide specialist...See More
— The Grand Menhir (Standing Stone) of Er-Grah (9 photos)