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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ancient Ceremonial Pipes.

Pictures of a few ceremonial pipes, courtesy of Randall-Johnson.net "At a time when Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages and crusaders fought holy wars to gain Jerusalem for the Church, a Native American culture thrived in what is now the Midwest and Southeast United States. These Native Americans are known today as the Mississippian Moundbuilders." Pic 1 is The Dr. Bunch Frog Pipe L: 8.25" Made from fine green sandstone. This famous pipe was found in 1878 in a low mound on a river bluff near what is now Bluffton, Yell County, Arkansas. Pic 2 is The Missouri Heron Pipe H: 5.25" Made from red to brown banded slate. This well-known bird pipe was discovered in 1858 by a farmer named Amos Weiling while removing a tree stump on a farm in Mew Madrid County, Missouri. Pic 3 is Tennessee Council Pipe D: 4.5" Made from brown steatite. This interesting pipe was found in 1879 by Bill Bennett in Hamilton County, Tennessee. —Mound Builder Pipes (3 photos)Ancient Cerimonial