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Monday, February 11, 2013

This is the grave site of John Dillinger, Jr. He is buried in the family plot - next to his Mother (who died when he was three years old) - at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis. A cemetery official describes the attention (and vandalism) which Dillinger's grave has generated over the years: We're on the fourth marker for his grave. In former years, people would come and chip off corners. The family plot was owned by the Dillinger family for 27 years prior to John Jr.'s death. Following his burial, some individuals in the watching crowd (of about 5,000 people) took flowers and scoops of mud from the grave site. Concerned about grave robbery, John's father had his son's coffin reburied after its original interment. It is now protected by a thick layer of iron and concrete. — John Dillinger Jr. (11 photos)